Gaethje launches blistering attack on 'total coward' Covington

‘I despise that man more than anybody on planet Earth… I would love to slap him right across the face’: Justin Gaethje launches blistering attack on ‘total coward’ Colby Covington

  • Colby Covington has come under fire from a huge number of fellow fighters
  • Justin Gaethje has added his name to the list and cannot stand the welterweight
  • He said: ‘He gets behind the camera and he’s a total coward and a fake person’

Justin Gaethje has launched a scathing attack on Colby Covington, branding him ‘fake’ and a ‘coward’ who he ‘despises more than anyone in the world’.

Covington is under fire from both fighters and fans for a series of interviews in recent weeks. He accused the Black Lives Matter protestors of being ‘terrorists’ and made racist remarks to Kamaru Usman after beating Tyron Woodley. 

He asked the welterweight champion: ‘Who did you get a call from? You get a call from, frickin’, your little tribe? They give you some smoke signals for you? You’re a joke . . . You’re fake news.’ 

Colby Covington has drawn the ire of Justin Gaethje, who said he ‘despises’ the welterweight

Gaethje crossed paths with Covington while at a Donald Trump rally in Nevada 

Gaethje, who is preparing to fight Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 254 on October 24, made his feelings about Covington quite clear. 

He explained that they crossed paths at a rally for Donald Trump and initially Covington made a positive impression but all that changed when he watched a number of interviews. 

Gaethje said: ‘The day after that [rally], I was singing his praises because of how professional he was and how he held himself.

‘But then he went onto do a bunch of interviews and I probably despise that man more than anybody on planet Earth, other than like paedophiles and murderers and things like that. 

The interim lightweight champion beat Tony Ferguson to earn a shot at the full title 

Covington has been criticised by both fans and fighters for his recent interviews 

The interim lightweight champion continued his character assassination: ‘He is a coward – he’s a fake person. 

‘He stands there and acts like this soft-hearted dude, and then he gets behind the camera and he’s a total coward and a fake person. I’ve never met someone as fake as Colby Covington.

‘As a man, I would love to slap him right across the face.’  

Covington’s language even prompted a statement from Reebok, the UFC’s apparel sponsor. It read: ‘Reebok is the uniform provider for the UFC, however we do not sponsor Colby Covington. We do not agree with the sentiments he expressed, and stand firm in our belief that Black lives matter. We stand with athletes and communities who are fighting for change.’

Gaethje said: ‘As a man, I would love to slap him right across the face,’ about the welterweight

Middleweight champion Israel Adesanya weighed in with: ‘This guy has directly insulted my culture, my brother and many other cultures, and no one says anything. But it just shows you a mirror. Shows you a mirror to you guys.’ 

There is no real prospect of Gaethje fighting Covington just yet but perhaps further down the line they could meet in the octagon if a weight is agreed. 

Gaethje earned a shot at undefeated Khabib with his impressive win over Tony Ferguson earlier this year, while Covington is trying to get a rematch with welterweight king Usman or a clash with Jorge Masvidal having beaten Robbie Lawler and then Woodley.  

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