UFC will 'feel the pain' of the coronavirus pandemic says Dana White

The UFC will ‘feel the pain’ of the coronavirus pandemic as boss Dana White admits stars of the future will find opportunities hard to come by due to a shortage of small shows

  • UFC chief Dana White has expressed concerns over a shortage of future stars 
  • Covid-19 has stunted young fighters’ development due to a lack of shows 
  • White says that no regional shows means it will be harder to find talent
  • The UFC has an array of talent recruited from small promotions the world over 

Dana White has revealed concerns that the UFC will soon ‘feel the pain’ of the coronavirus pandemic as the supremo explained that the development of stars of the future has been stunted.

While the rest of the sporting world has been greatly affected by the deadly pandemic, White has been desperate to ensure the UFC continues to put on shows and keep the sport moving. 

The UFC president has previously boasted that they were the ‘first sport back on television’ and had moved shows to ‘Fight Island’ in Abu Dhabi, with the likes of Jorge Masvidal and Khabib Nurmagomedov headlining in the obscure location.

Dana White fears the UFC will ‘feel the pain’ of the pandemic when recruiting future stars

The UFC has a steady conveyor belt of stars coming through from across the world

And while the big events have been able to take place, smaller MMA organisations have been unable to host shows due Covid-19 restrictions.

It means that young fighters have been unable to hone their skills and develop their fight experience as a result of a lack of shows taking place this year. 

White is concerned, then, that the lack of smaller events means young up and coming fighters’ development is being stunted, as a result of a lack of fight experience over the past months.   

‘One of the things that concerns me, and I think I talked to you guys about this earlier in the year, we’re not feeling it yet but we’re going to feel the pain of the pandemic over the next year, year and a half, with some of these small shows not operating,’ he told reporters via Heavy.

The pandemic has stopped smaller shows taking place, meaning fighters cannot develop

White says that the UFC may find it harder to track future stars as a result of a lack of shows

‘When the world was normal, there were shows every weekend all over the world,’ White continued. ‘Multiple shows every weekend pumping out young talent. We’re going to feel this by the end of next year.’ 

The UFC has a vast array of talent on their roster, with the organisation able to lure the best fighters from other regional promotions across America, as well as European promotions such as Cage Warriors. 

Dana White’s Contender Series is an avenue through which young fighters can earn a contract with the UFC. These fighters typically only have a handful of fights and battle it out for a UFC contract. 

The UFC has also confirmed that its flagship talent show ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ will make a return.   

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